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Written by admin, October 31, 2011

If you depend on a steady flow of traffic to your web site, then investing in Search Engine Optimization – or SEO – is the most strategic way to increase page views and page-rankings in search engine results. I offer reliable and affordable SEO strategy implementation to make your website the most competitive it can be. Based in NH SEO is another one of my specialties.

The first step to SEO includes a detailed review of the code and content on your website. Tweaks to links on your site, and revisions to the formatting of the pages can have a remarkable impact on the relative rank of your website against others in search results, yielding more views of your online content. Additionally, I will implement features that assist search engines and their users in finding your content, including tactics such as implementing an XML sitemap and canonical URLs, and HTML tag optimization. In order to cater to your specific market demographics more effectively, I will perform a detailed analysis of keywords related to your site content, and integrate keywords into content in a strategic and seamless manner. If necessary, I will create new content that will aid in attracting more traffic to your site.

My SEO services also include off-site strategies. Search engines increasingly rely upon links to your page from other sources in order to determine your page rank in search results, as this is indicative of relative page popularity. I will implement context-relevant back-linking to your website on third-party sites proven to influence search result rankings. Additionally, I will help seed your site’s popularity by creating a social media presence for your site, and then engaging in social media marketing tactics.

Please contact me with questions about SEO, and what it can do to increase the number of visitors to your web site.

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