Bitcoin & Blockchain Consulting

Bitcoin is an open source project that was the beginning of an exciting concept called cryptocurrency (Bitcoin the currency is a massive success, currently sitting at a market cap value of 9.6 billion USD as of 9/2016). It’s like ‘magic internet money’, basically a bitcoin is a digital token that is exchangeable just like cash when you have the right software. Its underlying Peer to Peer network technology is called the blockchain, the blockchain is a shared public ledger. The general idea is that the network validates itself by checking with all the participants to make sure everyone agrees that everyone else is correct. The network consensus combined with cryptographic algorithms make it mathematically improbable that anyone can ever cheat the blockchain.

I offer Bitcoin and blockchain consulting. I have over 5 years of experience in the studies, practice, investment, trading, mining, commerce and development in the realm of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

If you’re interested in other cryptocurrencies and their potential for passive income, I also offer Masternode setup and hosting. Click here for more info.

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