New Hampshire Web Hosting

Written by admin, October 31, 2011

NH Web HostingI can host your sites at great prices. But that isn’t the only reason you should host with me.

Unlike larger web hosting firms, I don’t “oversell”. Larger web hosting companies often partake in this practice, whereby they will promise a certain amount of service or storage – but lack the resources to fulfill the full capacity of each promise made to their customers. They depend on customers underutilizing the services they pay for. Whenever there is an unexpected rush of traffic to a website hosted by an overselling web host, there can often be downtime (which means lost page views and potential loss of revenue) while the host’s server capabilities are overwhelmed. I only offer what I am able to deliver on.

Additionally, hosting your website with me allows you direct access to support services. Rather than calling a 1-800 number, getting placed in a queue, disconnected, and dealing with the frustration of call centers, you can depend on a direct line to your web host. If you have questions, concerns, or need assistance with your website, you can always get it without any of the hassles associated with doing business with larger web hosting companies.  This also means that you can speak with me personally at any time, willing to provide you with honest answers to your questions about web hosting services, rather than someone in a call center that responds to your questions with scripted responses.

When you purchase hosting services from me, you will receive a fixed amount of storage and bandwidth (a quota for data transferred to and from the server) for a monthly fee. The “Unlimited” plan includes unlimited storage and bandwidth. All plans include the latest SQL database software, unlimited domains, PHP, free initial setup and site transfers.  Hosting services include maintenance and updates of software on the webserver at no extra fee.

Hosting services also include e-mail, with free support and setup.  The e-mail accounts are compatible with all major mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Entourage, Outlook Express, Apple Mail,  Thunderbird, and even smartphone devices.

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